In the valley of Temecula, California, our dedicated team works to build the best handcrafted cable for modern musicians and audio professionals. Our purpose derives from the idea that today’s musicians, armed with some of the most powerful gear available, often compromise on what we know is an integral aspect of quality sound and reliability: the cable that connects the musician to the music. This cable is more than wire and rubber. It’s the artery providing sonic life and power to music. Not only must the cable be durable and reliable to support the most chaotic abuse on stage, but it must also provide unparalleled tonal support and sonic clarity for your sound. A quality cable is crucial.

Our mission is to arm musicians not only with the best means of connection and compatibility for their equipment, but also to provide the knowledge that every piece of the chain matters. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, know that when you choose Happy, you’ll stay Happy.